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Onya BagsPlastic bags and bottles are typically used for a very short period of time, but take hundreds of years to break down in landfill. Never mind the harm they can do to marine and other wildlife – the harm they do to the environment is criminal and such an enormous waste. At Onya Bags we are into promoting a change in behaviour – this is a difficult thing to do when single-use is so en vogue – so we are doing our best to make eco easy!

Onya Bags’ aim is to develop innovative and practical solutions to reduce social and environmental impacts, particularly with regard to disposable culture.

We started with the Original Onya Bag – an endlessly reusable alternative to the disposable plastic bag. The bag – made from recycled plastic bottles – stows down into a tiny pouch, so it’s always ‘on-ya’ for whenever you need it.

We now stock a whole range of reusable products including, the Onya Back (backpack), Onya Side (shoulder bag), Onya Weigh (fruit & veg bag), Onya Lunch (sustainable, reusable alternative to clingfilm), and H2Onya (stainless steel reusable bottle)!

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