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HalfpipeBy 3500 BC man had invented the wheel . In 1969 NASA put a man on the moon. And in December 2003... Halfpipe was opened.

Halfpipe was started for one purpose and one purpose only...to deliver awesomeness to every skater, BMXer and snowboarder across the land and since then...nothing much has changed. We're still as disorganised and in love with the industry as we've always been. We're not just a hardcore skate, snow and BMX shop though. We have three fully equipped workshops where we do all kinds of bicycle maintenance and snowboard servicing and we also sell a wide range of hybrid and road bikes.

We're still a family run, independent skate, snow and BMX shop run by riders for riders and we wouldn't be here with out the support of you guys out there. If you're in the area and you need to borrow a tool, bolt, pump or just need a place to chill...that's what we're here for. Equal to that, if you're a million miles away in your log cabin in the Scottish Highlands and you're browsing the net and happen to stumble upon our site and you like what you see...why not order something? We're hot on deliveries and advice so just drop us a line or email and we'll get back to you well within 24 hours.

All our staff have been here for years and except for Johnny and Nick who actually are related...we're all like one big family. Yeah we may fight, argue and cause a lot of physical pain to one another...but deep down there's a lot of love. Every member of the Halfpipe family is knowledgeable in skate, snow and bikes so if you have a question that needs answering don't hesitate to call us.

Why not show you're love and add us on Twitter (@halfpipe03) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/halfpipelondon) for the latest deals, offers and news!

Also, we now have a YouTube channel! Check it out http://www.youtube.com/user/HALFPIPE03

Peace out!

10% discount on bicycles, 15% discount on accessories
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