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Who we are

Choose Green is a loyalty card scheme that offers its members great discounts from organic and environmentally conscious businesses across the UK.

Launched in November 2012, we currently have hundreds of businesses on board, bringing together a multitude of eco friendly brands and savings under one umbrella.

What we offer

With this card, you will find offers from a cross-section of consumer lifestyle needs and desires such as: transport, groceries, restaurants, health & fitness, beauty, travel, solar panels, electricity and textiles.

The companies we have on board offer fantastic discounts between 5-40% on products and services both online and in-store, and customers could potentially make savings of over £500 pounds with one purchase.

Our definition of ‘green'

People often find eco-labels to be misleading; therefore we find it vital to elaborate on what we define as green and environmentally friendly.

Choose Green's standards have been developed in collaboration with Greenpeace to be stringent and credible. We want to promote the best quality goods for our environmentally conscious members and therefore we have on board retailers that trade goods that have been approved by appropriate national and international accreditation bodies.

Please have a read through our standards here.

Choose Green membership

Our annual membership fee costs £40 per membership. We are keen to present a special offer to companies that align with Choose Green’s environmental vision. These are the companies that:

- Have shown a proven commitment to sustainability

- Continually increase efficiency in their business operations and workplace

- Implement green initiatives

- Work towards building a green company culture.

We would like to offer the employees of these companies the opportunity to purchase our annual membership at a 50% discounted rate of £20 per year per membership.

For corporate purchases, the offer is further negotiable and the price per membership can be further discounted for purchases over a certain amount. We would be happy to have a chat with you with regards to our offer.

Why Choose Green?

Joining Choose Green is a brilliant way to: 

- Demonstrate that you care about the well-being of your employees by showing them a way through which they will be able to buy all sorts of environmentally friendly and organic products and services - from a wide range of sectors - at lower prices

- Foster a company culture that promotes responsibility towards the environment in your business operations, your workplace and your personal lives

- Emphasise your company's green credentials by displaying a Choose Green logo on your website.

If you think you would like your company and your employees to take that next step towards living more sustainably, please contact us today at

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