ChooseGreen is a web magazine promoting Green Business. Whether you are an existing business or not, we can all make small changes to help promote a better way of life. was started by three friends who all share the same desire to protect the world we live in. We wanted to help the environment, but found that trying to buy natural, healthy, pesticide-free and ethically-produced goods was far too expensive and often quite complicated.

We therefore decided to find a way to make it easier for people to learn about high-welfare and environmentally sound products whilst at the same time making goods and services more affordable by offering fantastic discounts and offers.

Choose Green was born! Our readers can now access a whole host of high-end shops and services and we highlight amazing deals on their ethically sourced products. So far we’ve teamed up with providers of groceries, beauty products and energy, restaurants, holiday companies, health and fitness centres and even transport services – and the list keeps growing! is our dream. Now, bringing like-minded sellers and buyers together, making shopping kinder to the environment and easier for everyone is finally a reality.

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